The Wonders of Olive Oil and the Med Diet

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3 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    How do you suggest taking olive oil? I saw 2 tbsps. 3 times daily. Are you drinking it, like on a spoon? Or, cooking? Or are you drizzling it on food? I am trying it on some warm food, but it sure has a strong taste.
    A holistic doctor started me on chia seeds. I am soaking them in drinks. Ever had them?

    • God's Health System says:

      I take the olive oil on a spoon.
      Some people who do not like the taste mix it with other flavors.
      Please try different brands as there are lots of different flavors.
      Use it as much as you can and in as many different ways as possible.
      You cannot take too much of it!!!

  2. Amen. Nice article and well said in Jesus name, Amen!