John McTernan Insights Blog – The focus is on Israel and the United States, but all other relevant information will be reported, to show the reader the desperate, yet exciting, time we live in. Bible prophecy is coming alive right before our very eyes. The information is to ground us in God; to cause us to live holy; to be anchored in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus: and to show the awesome authority of the Bible as the very word of God.
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Blessings Israeli Believers – The Israeli believers need help. At the present time, life in Israel can be very difficult for believers in the Lord Jesus. Many are bold in the faith and face rejection by their family and society. Now is the time, the church can help the believers in Israel JUST AS THEY DID IN THE DAY OF THE APOSTLE PAUL! Here is another reason, for those who understand the Biblical mandate to bless Israel, to support Israeli believers in the Lord Jesus.
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What’s Right, What’s Left Ministries – The home of WRWL Radio ministry with bible preacher Pastor Ernie Sanders. Standing on the word of God as preserved in the King James 1611 Authorized Version Holy Bible.
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The Last Trumpet – Get full-color copies of The Last Trumpet for FREE!: Dave and Willie Hauser will send you as many copies of this newspaper as you would like, just send them an email with your name, address and how many copies you would like. It’s 100% free, and it’s a fantastic witnessing tool.
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Poured Out For Africa– Excellent Christian outreach to show God’s love to the needy people of Africa.
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The 666 Surveillance System – Exposing the 666 Surveillance System leading to the Mark of the Beast under Antichrist. Every item here will tell you about advances in technology that either are in place, or in the end stages of development and about to be released that will result in the creation of the Worldwide 666 Surveillance System. YOU are living in the time of the end foretold in the bible.
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