We look forward to hearing for you with any questions, comments or concerns you may have." Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." 3 John 1:2

Nutrition Suggestions

Vitamin D  

After years of study and observation, I have come to the conclusion that Vitamin D is the most important nutritional factor for your body.

This vitamin is made in our body with sun light. The further north you live the more you have to supplement with Vitamin D. We spend significant amount of time indoors and do not received enough sunlight. Age is a factor for both the young and old. Vitamin D touches so much of our body that I am not going to list them here.
The posts on the blog will show just how important Vitamin D is for our body. You will be amazed just as I was.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is very important. Olive oil is a 75 percent monsaturated fat which is essential for the body. Olive oil is a key component of the Mediterranean diet, widely regarded as being protective against cardiovascular disease. Olive oil lowers the LDL cholesterol which is the dangerous form. It is tremendous for the digestive system. I take at least four table spoons a day. Olive is also proven to heal burns and wounds.
Carefully read the label of the Olive oil you purchase. You must use only virgin, cold pressed oil. This means the oil was obtained mechanically by pressing. Virgin means it was the first press. The olives that are heated and chemically treated to make the oil are useless for nutrition. It is alright to cook with but for health olive oil has to be cold pressed. This is the same for wounds and burns. Researchers found that only cold pressed oil was beneficial for healing. Burns healed 40 percent faster with less scaring when treated with olive oil.

Omega-3 Oils
When I was a youngster growing up in the 1950s, both my mother’s and grandmother’s health remedy was cod liver oil. Mom always kept a bottle in the kitchen cabinet. I was terrified when she went near where the cod liver oil was kept. Without warning, she would have a tablespoon in one hand and the bottle in the other. I would beg her not to make me take it. It was no use: my cries for mercy were unheard. Many a night I laid gagging in bed after being forced to down a table spoon of the most awful tasting health remedy imaginable!
Cod liver oil is foreign to most people today, but back then it was a remedy for health. The taste and smell of it was the most sickening thing I ever took. I would swallow it and gag. Sometimes she would make me take two tablespoons which was inhuman. I pleaded with her, but to no avail. She would say, it was good for me. I did not want to hear anything about good for me. I wanted to get as far away from cod liver oil as possible.
It turns out mom was right. The Omega-3’s in cod liver oil are tremendous for your health. The benefits of Omega-3 oils rival that of Vitamin D. Omega oils are needed for the brain to function properly. Many of the degenerative brain problems could be eliminated by taking these oils. There is a direct connection with the Omega-3s and brain function and health. I believe these oils can help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and all sorts of mental related problems.

There are no side effects from the Omega-3s so it cannot hurt for anyone with a brain disorder to take them. If you are depressed, trying taking Omega-3s, it might prove to greatly help you. The best way to look at the Omega-3s and the brain is to compare it with oil for an engine. Without oil, and engine ceases and stops. Without the Omega-3s the brain “ceases” and stops functioning.

The Omega-3s are wonderful for the blood and for keeping cholesterol low and balanced. These oils protect the heart and circulatory system from plaque build up. You must take the Omega-3s for your heart’s health. Pregnant women need the Omega-3s for a both her health and the baby’s.

The following is a partial list of what the Omega-3 oils can be used for: prevent depression, used to treat bipolar disorder, prevent preeclampsia, reduce premature births, protect baby’s brain, modulate anger, anxiety, fear, improve immunity, counteract autoimmune diseases, prevent and treat cancer, protect the brain, fight cardiovascular disease, prevent and treat arrhythmia, and combat stroke.

The Omega-3 oils are hard to come by in today’s diet. The diet is now overloaded with Omega-6 oils and other fats which are dangerous to the body. It is imperative that you limit the other fats and supplement your diet with Omega-3 oils. While cod liver oil and salmon are great sources of Omega-3 oils, I recommend natural range free eggs over the fish oils. The problem with fish oils is many of the waters are polluted and therefore the oil has pollutants in it. These oils also can quickly spoil without you realizing this. You pay more for the range free eggs but the health benefit is worth it.

I cannot finish this section without telling you how I obtained revenge on my mother. Mom liked to drink a glass of milk. One day I was in the kitchen, and she was sitting in the living room. She called and asked for a glass of milk. I was around 10 years old at this time. I got a glass and then poured some of the cod liver oil in the bottom of the glass. I then poured in the milk. I handed the glass to mom and took off. Next thing, mom was hollering at me and wanted to know what was in the milk. She was on her feet gagging and yelling at me.

She was so upset and angry that I was scared. I showed her the cod liver oil and told her what I had done. She was so angry at me, but I did get my revenge! I believe this might have cured mom, because around this time she stopped forcing me to drink the most awful thing you could put in your mouth.
Mom you were right and thanks for making me drink it!

Oatmeal and Wheat Germ
In addition to olive oil, oatmeal is tremendous for controlling cholesterol. The fiber in oatmeal, just like it a sponge, absorbs cholesterol in the blood. Regularly eating oatmeal is a great benefit to your health. I eat oatmeal nearly every day at breakfast with a toping of wheat germ. Wheat germ rapidly spoils, so it is removed from cereal as a by product! Cereal has a long self life when it does not contain wheat germ. Wheat germ must be refrigerated. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fats. It is a great source of natural Vitamin E. 

Raw Honey
I cannot say enough about real honey. Not the honey you purchase in the super market: this is heat processed and useless. Raw honey that has not been heated is an awesome food. (See Note about heated processed food.)
Raw honey contains sugar in a form that your body can use in the proper way: not like processed white sugar. Raw honey is usually cloudy and contains propolis, pollen, and royal jelly.
Pollen is most important as it is like a vitamin pill. It is loaded with vitamins, and minerals along with 100s of enzymes. There are more enzymes in pollen than scientists have identified for use in the body! Royal jelly contains the chemical acetate which your body turns into acetylcholine. This is critical for helping the nerves function properly in the brain. Propolis is an antibacterial agent that keeps the hive pure. It is a natural germ killer.
Make raw honey a part of your diet, and eliminate processed sugar.
Note: Starting about 105 degrees, heat starts destroying the enzymes of food. Around 125 degrees it is all destroyed. This is why heat treated honey and oil olive are worthless for nutrition. Please pay the extra money and get real honey and olive oil.
I suggest that you steam and not boil your food as much as possible. Streaming the food does not destroy the nutritional value. I have studied about “nuking” your food in the microwave oven. I cannot prove scientifically that it is harmful, but I just have a great uneasiness about “nuked” food. I do not own a microwave, and all my food at home is cooked the old fashion way.

Green Tea
I first learned about green tea in the mid-1990s. Since then I have become a regular user of it. The Asians drink green tea like we drink soda. I think this in the number one reason they have such low diabetes rate and other degenerative diseases. In Asian men prostrate cancer is rare while in America it is rampant. It appears that green tea protects men from prostate cancer. It is a boost to the immune system and brings general health to the body.
Green tea is tremendous source of polyphenols which are one of the highest antioxidants known. This is what protects against cancer and heart disease. I drink green tea everyday and do not drink soda. Stop drinking sweet type drinks and substitute with green tea. I use a concentrated mix with different flavors. The concentrate is very high in polyphenols.

Red Grapes

These grapes contain resveratrol which like polyphenols is a tremendous source of antioxidants. Scientists knew for years that wine protected the French from their diet. It turns out the two sources for protection were olive oil and red wine. They identified resveratrol as the ingredient in the wine as the source.

You can purchase supplements with resveratrol.

B Vitamins
As you get older, the B-Vitamins are essential to maintaining your health. With age, the acid in the stomach dilutes, and it becomes difficult to absorb all the nutrients. With this condition, it is especially difficult to absorb Vitamin B12. A Vitamin B deficiency can cause serious problems including mental impairment, physical exhaustion and heart problems. The way to counter this problem is by having Vitamin B12 injected directly into the blood stream.
Now through a liquid source there is a way to absorb B12 sublingual. This product often combines B12, B6 and folic acid that you place under your tongue and absorb the nutrition directly into the blood stream. I highly recommend this for older people or anyone that knows they have a B-Vitamin deficiency.

For years researchers knew the health benefits of cocoa. The problem was that cocoa naturally is very bitter. During the process to eliminate the bitterness, most of the nutritional value was destroyed. The nutritional element that was so important is called flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that  greatly protect your body, especially the cardio-vascular system. Unfortunately, in the processed cocoa to make chocolate it is nearly devoid of the flavonoids. In addition, sugar and other items are added to the chocolate that makes if of little value.
Just recently, researchers found how to take out the bitterness without destroying the flavonoids! Now there is a product that is concentrated with flavonoids which greatly protects the heart. It is in a tea form without any sugar added. I drink this every day along with green tea. These are my two drinks as I eliminated any type of drink with sugar. I will be posting articles about cocoa.

The product I use is called CocoPure. It is pure cocoa that is unsweetened. Also added to the cocoa is a green tea extract and resveratrol. The combination of all three is a powerful antioxidant for you long term health. I obtain CocoPure from New Vitality at www.newvitality.com (800) 943-6465.

I also reccomend the organic Cacao powder offered through Sunfood:

Calcium and Magnesium and Vitamin D-3 
Calcium is critical for you body. I highly recommend that you take supplements of calcium. When you take calcium, you must also take magnesium and Vitamin D. The three go together and you will have trouble if you take calcium alone. Calcium can cause binding. Always take calcium with magnesium and Vitamin D-3.
There are different forms of calcium. You want to look at the label and use Calcium Citrate. It is the easiest for the body to absorb. As usual, what is best is more expensive, but it is worth it. The second form is Calcium Carbonate. This should be taken right after a meal as the digestive juice is the strongest. Calcium is not expensive and is well worth the investment into your health.
Butter, Eggs and Salt  
Butter: For some reason these items are always under attack as being dangerous to your health. There are no health dangers from butter, eggs and salt. The danger lies in the substitutes. Butter taken in moderation, like most everything else, will not harm you. Margarine, the substitute, is one of the worse things you can eat. Margarine is closer to a plastic than a food. I highly recommend you NEVER eat it. It is my opinion that one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th Century was that margarine is good while butter is bad.
When it comes to food oils, there is an old adage to go by. If it does not melt at room temperature do not eat it. Butter and olive oil are a liquid at a warm room temperature. Margarine does not melt and that is the way it circulates in the blood stream. It does not digest, and it circulates in the blood stream like a plastic. I believe it is one of the sources of heart disease as it damages the cardio-vascular system as it circulates through it.
Eggs: They are hated by the medical establishment. It seems like evil resides in an egg! They warn about the dangers of eating eggs and developing high blood cholesterol. Most people reading this article think that eggs are bad because they have high cholesterol. The problem is that eggs are also loaded with lecithin which is a cholesterol emulsifier! The lecithin is located in the yoke, and when you eat an egg the lecithin neutralizes the cholesterol. There is no connection between cholesterol in an egg and cholesterol in the bloodstream. If anyone knows proof there is such a connection, please email this information to [email protected]. Eggs should be eaten in moderation just like any other food. An egg a day will not harm your health.
A recent study found this about eggs:
“Egg contains a higher quality protein than protein found in meat, milk or fish. Furthermore, egg is a significant source of vitamins A and E, and B vitamins B-6, B-12 and folate, which are known to lower blood levels of homocysteine, an independent risk factor for heart disease.”

Why Eggs Don't Contribute Cholesterol To Diet   

Salt: Nearly everyone believes that salt causes heart trouble. Excessive salt is bad for the body, but salt in moderation will not cause heart disease. Salt is needed for the body to function normally, and a highly restrictive salt diet is dangerous.
Table salt is made under high pressure and during the process all minerals are stripped away. Usually, iodine is added to the salt. Even salt that is advertised as sea salt can be processed this way. This is not the salt you need.
I use what is called Real Salt. This salt comes from Utah . It is not heat treated but crushed into a powder form. This salt contains numerous minerals including iodine, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, potassium, magnesium and many others. It tastes sweet along with a strong salt flavor. I use very little of this salt to obtain a salt flavor.
If you are interested in the salt contact Redmond Minerals at (800) 367-7258.
Vitamin E
A few tips about this vitamin. Look at the label and natural E will read d-alpha tocopherol. The synthetic will read dl-alpha tocopherol. Notice the difference; the natural begins d while the synthetic reads dl. Avoid the dl form. Also the most common form of Vitamin E is the alpha tocopherol. Most Vitamin E is in the alpha form; however, there are eight tocopherols. I use the type that contains multiple types of tocopherols. The label will tell you if it just alpha or multiple.