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11 Responses

  1. Janine says:

    Goodness me. What about these chemtrails. We do our best with whole organic foods, supplements etc and have to trust God hey John. Keep in trusting no matter what.
    Trusting in scriptures like ….. Though He slay me yet I trust Him, trust Him & lean not on our own understanding and MK 16:17-18 drink poison and not experience any harm.
    It sure is a walk of trusting Him no matter what. Knowing that He is in control and if I fear anything I’m giving that thing more power than God! Just some thoughts!

  2. Maria says:

    Oh wow, I’ve been taking Fish oil, vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin D…now I’m not sure what to take anymore. John what are the vitamins your currently taking or suggesting to take?

  3. Melany W. says:

    I’ve been taking 6,000 IU of Vit. D3 for years, along with fish oil, selenium, IP6, and a few other supplements tailored for my needs. I also eat well …. lots of oatmeal, kale, spinach, fruits, vegetables, you get the idea. Diabetes runs rampant in my family. My blood sugar remains low, blood pressure low, cholesterol normal. I thank God for my life and will try to take care of myself until I go Home.

  4. Janine says:

    Hi John. Of course circumsision is of the heart now and certainly not done as unto the law of Moses. My son is not circumsized and has infection after infection. Irritable bowel and parasites left after stopping eating prawns and pork. Also fertility levels recover and infections cease when abstaining from sex during menstruation. I believe that these things were instructions in Gods word and that there is scientific proof in it. Wisdom wouldn’t you say on a physical level. Thanks.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Yes, I would.
      Any food connected with the Bible is great for you: take olive oil for example.

      • Janine says:

        Agreed. My son is 10 now and of course is anxious about circumsision. Of course I don’t insist. His choice – circumcision or continual infections! If I had of known the health reasons for it (God is a genius and made our bodies) I would have done it when he was born. 🙁

  5. Keith O. says:

    Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy anyway he can. It is incredibly frustrating to read stories of cancer curing natural remedies like seaweed off the coast of Okinawa(perhaps before Fukushima) or plants in the Amazon. But the greedy Babylonians aren’t interested in a cure-there’s no money in it. Millions of dollars and much volunteer effort are spent all for nothing. It like a gasoline engine that gets 150 miles per gallon-it will not be allowed to come to fruition. I can’t wait for the millenium where righteousness will dwell. No more corruption.

  6. Tapscott says:

    Yeah, 53 million defenseless babies got murdered through abortion. It’s not like Hitler killing 6 million people at all. It’s much worse than Hitler.