Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease

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4 Responses

  1. Larry Hartog, Chief Master Sgt, USAF Retired says:

    Five years ago I had to take pain pills to sleep and now I do not take any because I have switched to Vit D3. I take 10,000 units a day in the winter and switch to 8,000 during the summer as I am out side. Feb 2016 I had my physical and my Vd3 level was 90.5. I had to educated my Internal Med Dr on the benefits of this supplement. What bothers me is why so many people will just not listen to me on this subject. But I keep trying. By the way I am 79 who looks no older than 50 and have no trouble picking up 100 pounds. Last year I walked 582 miles, my goal this year is 800 miles to celebrate my 80 birthday next March

    • Georgann Ryan (Internet Pilgrim) says:

      Wonderful to hear! I too have trouble convincing others of the benefits of mega-dose vitamins, especially D3. But I’ve gone from a wheelchair and constant infections to better health than I had in my 20’s as a result of nutrition and vitamin supplements, after suffering from adrenal failure and years of recovery. No one ever will convince me that this isn’t the way back to health! I was more fortunate than you, in that I had a doctor who pushed me in this direction, but medical professionals like that are rare. God’s health system works when we treat the body in the way He originally intended.