Half in U.S. Suffer Anxiety and How to be protected from it.

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  1. John: Thanks so much for addressing this subject. It is so important. But you know what? Trying to convince people to get off prescribed medicines and especially anxiety meds is about as hard as it is to convince people that we are living in the end times!

    Also, convincing people that there are foods that are actually healing and then there are foods that cause sickness is also hard. For about 3 or 4 years now I have been following Dr. Mercola’s food selection suggestions as well as a local nutritionist; and the difference in the way I feel is amazing! The right foods along with some supplements, not meds, can help what you may consider to be the more serious health problems.

    There was one food though that Dr. Mercola and the nutritionist insisted that we not eat–WHEAT! One of my weaknesses is bread and I just could not understand why wheat was bad for you. Thank you so much for this article today on “modern wheat”. Sure answers my question about why no wheat, just like no soy (unless fermented), and no corn. And put the blame on Monsanto!

    One of my prayers is that we will still have resources of organically grown foods until The Blessed Hope!


  2. Keith O. says:

    I find it interesting that the word “sorceries” in Rev 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. and
    Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
    is the Greek word “pharmakeia”.

    1) the use or the administering of drugs

    2) poisoning

    3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

    4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
    Not real sure of the exact context with these two verses, though. Perhaps John or someone else could shed some light on these.

  3. It would be interesting to study the depression tendencies in relation to gmo food production, wheat in particular. It is said gmo foods started in the ’70’s. No one in this food industry will ever reveal what it really does to people. Instead we have Mrs Obama pushing her own agenda as to why kids are overweight. Never mind removing corn syrup from foods and getting them away from video game lifestyles? That doesn’t quit fit her “government-control agenda” Watching everyone scramble around to try to fix things without the help of the Lord is a painful sight.

  4. Melany W. says:

    There are instances when medications must be used short-term & judiciously. However, almost everyone I know is on an antidepressant. In my aunt’s senior high-rise, antidepressants were routinely prescribed to the elderly, sometimes with serious side-effects. No one seems to be on them short-term.
    Yes, there is terrible stress in today’s world. It is even worse today than in the 1970’s when I experienced a severe depression. The emotional pain was so intense that it led me to cry out to the Lord and I was saved, spiritually and physically, from the depth of something even today I can’t fully explain. I was 20 years old at that time. I am now 56, and I have NEVER gone through a depression like that again.
    The root of this problem is spiritual. This isn’t the popular answer, but it’s true. We need to have great compassion for those who don’t know Yeshua, and tell them what God has done in our lives. Tell them that we go to the Word of God for our help and comfort. We are here for such a short time. Our problems here are temporary. Heaven is our real home. I know there is a place for medication at times, but I don’t think many people know how to deal with life anymore. I do not know how anyone can deal with life without knowing God. Without Him, nothing makes sense. I will never forget what God has done for me. I will never stop thanking Him.

  5. Mary E. says:

    Great post,now if we could just get it into the hands of every person on anti-depressants…..I suffered from depression for most of my life,but it wasn’t until the death of my sister,that I decided I needed medical help. Little did I know the worse was about to happen. The first thing I learned was, the Doctors will tell you absolutely nothing about the side effects of anti-depressants,you’re on your own. I found the side effects to be as bad as the actual depression and was totally confused by this. Doctors will also tell you that anti-depressants are not addictive,that is false,as I found out when coming off of them. I also found that the drugs are really meant to be a temporary fix and so they stop working which is why so many have to constantly change meds. Since I could not get answers from the Doctors who were treating me,I decided to educate myself,which is exactly what the Lord wanted me to do. To make a very long story short,I continued to pray for deliverence and wisdom. During that process,the Lord began to reveal the root of the problem,dealing with me about areas in my life that I needed to submit to Him. Unforgiveness was a big issue and painful to deal with,but later I realized was the key to my healing. To all who are reading this and are suffering from depression I would just say this,Jesus does come to heal the broken-hearted. He set me free from depression and this has allowed me to understand the plans He has for my life,something I so desperately searched for. While the enemy has plans for our destruction,God has a plan for life and an assurance of who we are in Him. The scripture I stand on for this is,Jeremiah 29:11-13. It is a promise that has seen me through the worst of times. I,too, will never forget what the Lord has done for me.

  6. Joni says:

    @ Barbara, right on. They hate the truth it seems?
    I find that family and friends seem to want to lean on me if what I have to say is to their liking? They like to gain knowledge without doing there own investigating, UNTIL, it takes something “fun” away? Or shines the light of truth on them?
    I have nearly reached my limit in WANTING to help certain people, because of the beating from their backlash.
    Its really sad to me, as I am the kind of person who gets excited and enthusiastic about knowledge or wisdom that will help us, and they perceive it as being bossy or thinking my way is the only way. I am almost ready to throw the towel in, let the chips fall where they may about anything short of Salvation in Jesus and Jesus alone, and we all know how bad we get beaten for that, but I will always stand for that, we must.

    @Mary E. Thank you for sharing, I believe every word you wrote to be truth. Boy oh boy, I can only imagine the emotional beatings you must take for your story?
    They almost WORSHIP the drug.

    God Bless us all,

  7. Joni: Very good words! When I’m around certain people, including in my family, I have to pretend like things remain the same because they just don’t want to hear what’s coming plus they don’t even want to hear about how to improve their health.

    Another powerful Sunday (Oct.7) night program–thank you John for your personal testimony! Just found this item when the program was over :
    This is just one more reason to stay away from anything that is not totally necessary. Every year about this time, I just cringe when I go to the grocery or to WalMart and there are the big signs promoting the flu vaccines. If people only realized how dangerous this vaccine (or any vaccine for that matter) is!

    Keith O. in his comment is, I believe, right on target with his thoughts. For a long time, I have felt that scriptures referring to “pharmakeia” were in reference to prescription drugs maybe even more than to illegal drugs because of the increase of prescription drug use that I have noted over the years.

    Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
    5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


  8. Danielle says:

    @Barbara,Melany,Mary E.& Joni ~ Grace & Peace be multiplied unto you & to all of my brothers & sisters in Christ. Living in these last of the last days, it has to be His grace that keeps me living for Christ … AND doing it “straight up!” Some Christians find it is just too much & continue to smoke, drown in alcohol, or pop the Xanax at bedtime. (No, these are NOT unbelievers.) I believe with all of my heart that they know The Lord, but keep falling back into that same pit. He wants to bring them up higher but it takes surrender to His Will. While I realize that No One was ever “perfect” except Jesus, and that we are not saved by good works… doesn’t it make sense that we should bring our pain to Him instead of trying to blank it out with a pill? If not, how are the saved any different from the unsaved? Ok , being a “soldier” is not easy …especially in these last days in the “Army of God.” We are to overcome by “the blood of the Lamb” – not by the Vodka in the “Bloody Mary!” Feeling thankful for this blog tonight ~ not trying to come off as “better than” or arrogant. Would not put this on Facebook as some of my Christian friends would feel as though I were judging them. I love them with unconditional love, but know that God wants to take them higher … and NOT with an empty drug! ~ SHALOM

  9. Mary E. says:

    Thanks for the positive and uplifting feedback. Yes Joni,many ask for advice but do not want the truth. I have a real passion to help those suffering from depression and many I talk to are afraid to let go of the drugs. That spirit of fear keeps them from stepping out in faith.
    Danielle,I love your quote,”the blood of the Lamb-not the vodka…” Priceless!
    Today,I am especially thankful for this blog,John and the commentors. Something happened this weekend that has totally taken me by surprise. Over the weekend,three of my best Christian friends informed me that they were no longer interested in hearing about prophetic events from me. Over the last three to five years that I have known these people, our conversations have always gravitated to world events. I was informed, that though they respect the call that God has put on my life,it was not the direction they wanted to go. I am dumb-founded and yes,it is painful. I have always felt that prophecy was important for every believer to get a hold of. It is the road map for the return of Jesus. It breaks my heart that those who have accepted Jesus have no desire to see Him return. The first thing that came to my mind when these events unfolded was…thank you,Lord..I still have John’s blog,the radio programs and those who comment, to communicate with! God Bless you all,we need to stick together.

  10. dan wessel says:

    All the previous posts are true and I’m in awe at how sometimes its like God reading your mail.It seems that recently,all people everywhere are under spiritual attack to greater degrees lately.A lifelong friend,my mom,and others seem to be just writing my wife and I off.They are like [firestarters],in that it appears forgiveness is not a quality,or should I say gift…they possess.For the life of me,I’ve never seen the devil take so many minds hostage like I’ve been seeing lately…I can tell these are the last days by the way people act and react.Thank you all for your insights.Though my post makes no mention of mind altering or medicating drugs,and not implying any aboved mentioned on them,drugs,legal or not can be satans gateway,so he can manipulate people easier.God Bless all of you for the excellent work and posts.Dan.w

  11. anne says:

    I totally agree!!! I do not follow the goats getting the vaccines, or take anything that dulls mybrain..I am sick to death of people thinking it is normal to take these meds…I believe I have been suffering from a type of depression, but I know it is spiritual in nature…I do not take anything. I pray everyday and somehow make it thru. My parents have been on meds for over a decade because that’s what the Dr told them they were suffering from!!! Unreal. Oh, and I dont dare try and tell them any of this..they are happy living in their numb world. It is pathetic. And these are Christian ppl….I thank the Lord every day I am aware and my spiritual eyes are open.

  12. Joni says:

    Its almost bizarre.
    The change in people even in the last few weeks.
    Its not “us” , if the rest of you had not shared, I might have believed them tho. That maybe it really was me?
    I know it is not tho. But they can be convincing when they gang up. On their drugs and alcohol. It can get ugly.
    I try to remember, its the powers and principalities, not the people. Its so darn hard after the year long battle of that cancer, I just wanted some normalcy, for a short while, just a short time of a resemblance of peace, but maybe normalcy is a thing of the past now, sure feels like it to me.
    If this is only the beginning, we better hang on tight.
    We know who to be looking for and I hope Jesus doesn’t tarry.

    God Bless us all,
    PS Thank you Mrs CJB, and Nancy, and Theresa.
    Your prayer holds me up more than you could know.

  13. Hello,
    My name is Cheryl and I live in the United States. Last year I nearly died due to a brain tumor that was undiagnosed for about ten years. I suffered from clinical depression as the location of the tumor was on my frontal lobe.

    As I rise from the ashes of my crumbled life, I am sharing encouraging thoughts, prayers, music, and other posts on my blog. I am a Born Again Christian.
    I hope you check it out.

    You can read about my personal journey by selecting CATEGORY on the right of the homepage. Then scroll down to ABOUT ME. I have pictures posted of myself right after surgery and present day. My recovery was quick with the Lord’s help.