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4 Responses

  1. Marcel says:

    She would probally be still alive if she was not ignorant of the simple precautions which you have been warning us about.

    Instead her misplaced faith in the crumbling system led to her death.

    This otherwise healthy 27 year old with no prior medical conditions died of the swiine flu in Israel, mostly due to the inherent incompetence in Israel's socialized health care.

    Look at how many times they sent her home and how late they were to diagnose her.
    Something we will see more of in the U.S as our system gets overwhelemed by high number of sick people this fall.

    Better to trust in the Lord than to trust in fools.

  2. John McTernan's Background says:

    This is so sad. Everyone needs right now to be fortified with Vit D and the Omega 3 oils. This is an example of what can happen.

  3. Bev says:

    I believe my husband and oldest daughter had the swine flu this past summer. Both on two seperate occasions went to urgent care to be told they had Pneumonia. This is the standard answer the doctors are giving now, and it is treated as such. It comes on very sudden. One day you are fine and the next you have labored breathing. you awake with head ache and fever.
    My doctor said most docs wont test for the swine flu because of the shortage of Vaccine. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?
    By the grace of God my youngest daughter and myself did not get the bug.

  4. Marcel says:

    Back in 2004 when my mother was receiving the best medial care a cursed and corrupt nation colud offer they gave her an unnecessary operation and MRSA to go along with it.
    By god's grace I happened to be visiting her 150 miles away from me when she was going thru septic shock seizures a week after.
    The paramedic explaind to me that the doctors will lie as wil the nurses because thye are afraid of lawsuits.
    At the Adventist hospital they lied to me and said she had Pneumonia and blod clot to the lungs as the anti-biotic vancomycin drip was going into her.
    I happened to read up on some of this before and knew what was going on and knew right away what was going on.
    The wicked ones like it better if you are ignorant that way they can deceive you and lie to you with great ease.
    If you're not dumbed down stupid ,they don't like you and they sure don't want to talk to you if their god complex arrogance dosn't put you under thier spell.
    A big problem is that we christins are naive when it comes to trusting men, quick to believe those who serve the kingdom of darkness.
    I think this article helps to explain why this nation has really beome so evil so quickly.
    America has turned her back on God so without him evil has exploded.