Pet Health – Deadly Foods Update, and Cardboard Box Cats

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2 Responses

  1. jimnjoy says:

    I am interested in where in the Bible you read that we will be reunited with our pets. Thank-you.

    • Internet Pilgrim says:

      There are a number of Scriptures that refer to animals and God’s covenant with them and taken together, they paint a pretty clear picture. The easiest way to explain is to link you with a couple of resources. On YouTube, “Cats & Dogs. Pets in Heaven: Is It Biblical? (Easy Read Version)” at Jack Van Impe also has a video on YouTube “Animals in Heaven.” Finally, there’s a book by Tom Horn & Terry James and you can read about the subject here:

      On a personal note, I became very concerned what would happen to my beloved golden retriever Zoe, and I began praying fervently about her fate. Suddenly everywhere I turned – on the tv, radio, and even in the mail, I found something about pets in heaven. It lasted for about a week, and by then I was reassured. At that point, it ceased, just as suddenly as it had begun. I believe it was a personal answer from the Lord to my question. Hope all of this helps.