Where’s the Evidence Proving TSA’s Backscatter Scanners are Safe?

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3 Responses

  1. PLEASE! John is so right about all he has written in this article; especially about D3, Coconut Oil, and natural resveratrol, etc. For Omega 3 there is a wonderful, safe, natural product–Krill Oil, which I have been taking for about 3 years now, plus I have 3 chickens which are free to roam in my back yard–so much fun to watch with the bonus of fresh eggs!

    This is a subject I could go on and on about–but I’ve learned to curb my excitement around friends and family because I get the same reaction as when I make statements about living in the end days, etc.–you know the glassy eyed “are you crazy” not interested look.

    But please pay attention to what John writes about health! I am now 77 and I started using these guidelines about 4 years ago and my energy level soared, plus I’ve had a bad cold only once in that period of time–no doctor in that time except for an injury to my hand when I fell about 2 years ago. Quit taking all prescribed medicines. I still have serious back problems (ruptured discs, etc.) with pain, but also quit all pain meds except maybe Advil once a week when absolutely needed. This is probably TMI, but I just want to emphasize what John is trying to tell you here. Watch what you eat and use a few supplements! To Your Health!


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the support on this.
      It is a way for God’s people to keep away from the Babylonians.