Xanax and Valium Boost Dementia Risk by 50 Percent

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19 Responses

  1. dan wessel says:

    Thank you Dr./brother John for looking out for us in the area of good health.Your research is very valuable,and helpful to all of us.God bless you sir. Dan.w

  2. Brian says:

    These health postings always provide great information. Thanks so much for your efforts to keep us informed. You and your ministry are both great blessings.

    Unrelated to this topic, I found this video helpful in reminding readers why President Obama has not been a blessing to Israel.


    Although Mitt Romney may not be an ideal choice in our election, he may be our best choice in countering Obama’s radical opposition to the Jewish state.

  3. Thanks for the video, Brian. We may not love Mitt Romney, but he is a thousand percent better than Obama. This video makes it clear. As Christians it is our duty to vote against this evil administration and by doing that we will bless Israel with our vote.

    • Keith O. says:

      I will vote for neither. Both are evil. Assuming there even is an election, of course. It would probably be decided by an overwhelming mandate of the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision.

      • Hi Keith O: You have just expressed my thoughts. I do pray for America, though not for a man to change things–we are long past that point. However, I do pray that God will have mercy on His children during the trials that may be coming, and that He will delay His judgments, and that He will lead and guide us as to how to witness and how to live in these end times. God bless you, brother.


        • Keith O. says:

          Barbara in VA, A-men sister! The fact that these two are what we have for a choice should indicate very clearly that we are being judged politically. Very sad that it has come to this point. But it sort of narrows it down so that people will see that our only hope is thru God. I would like to think that more and more people will make the connection. The god of this world seems to be growing bolder and bolder as he comes out into the open-really not even hiding his intentions for the world. He is the power behind our political parties in my opinion, but he won’t rule for much longer. Unfortunately, this will get worse before it gets better-praise God that we may know the outcome in advance. Stay strong everyone!

    • Keith O. says:

      I’m not trying to pick a fight or belittle anyone’s opinion here, but let me ask you this: Would Elijah vote for Ashteroh because Ashteroh is better than Baal?

      • Mary E. says:

        You’re priceless! What a great question!
        My sentiments,exactly. We need to look past politics and be about the Father’s business.


  4. Keith,
    You cannot liken two demons, to two men. All demons are evil and have no redeeming qualities. Romney and Obama are different in many ways. Romney does not have the hate for Israel that Obama has. If they both shared that hatred, you might be able to play that game of both being equally evil and pick your poison, but when it comes to these two men, one is a longstanding friend of Netanyahu, a friend of Israel and the other has made him his enemy and has made it very clear, that he is no friend of Israel. Make no mistake about it, no vote is a vote for Obama and a vote against Israel. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed. To do nothing is to allow Obama to continue to work against Israel, without trying to stop him, by voting him out of office.

    • Keith O. says:

      The way I see it, the choice is this:
      1) A Communist Sunni Muslim
      2) A Mormon(whose White Horse Prophecy is very similiar to islam).
      Both of these religions are demoniac. The fact that these are our choices shows me we are in judgment. I may just write someone in, but I’ve already had the “a no vote is a vote for Obama” gun put to my head. At the end of the day, I will be able to sleep at night and when I stand in judgment before my Savior I will be able to tell Him I did not vote for either of these Sodomites. Just my opinion.

      • Keith O. : Very good response. You know that “gun to your head” is being used a lot this year. I did not vote last election because I felt the same way about McCain as I do Romney. My conscience is perfectly clear as I have spent time in prayer and feel Holy Spirit led to refrain from voting. God knows how I support Israel and am being blessed because of that. Voting or not voting has nothing to do with whether or not we are blessing Israel. I know who the person is with all the different names and will not go on a guilt trip because of their personal opinion about the election. Besides, like you pointed out in an earlier post, my feeling also is that this may be a moot question anyway, since there are so many possibilites of the election being canceled. As mentioned earlier, our time would be better spent in seeking God’s will in how to live each moment of our lives in these days ahead of us and praying that God will delay His judgments on America and have mercy on His children rather than looking for a man to solve our problems and a man who cannot be trusted to do as he says at that.


  5. The Father’s “business” IS Israel. To not vote Against Obama, is to strengthen Israel’s enemy.

    • Mary E. says:

      Yes,the Father’s business is Israel and all who are grafted in. That’s why God’s prophetic word is so important in these last days. If you were a student of end-time prophecy,which I know you are not,you would understand that there are many scriptures speaking of Israel being abandoned by all Nations. The voting process will not change that,God’s word will be performed. God instilled a love for Israel in me when I was a child and as Barbara has stated above,God has blessed me for that love and support. There will also come a time when each believer must decide who to follow,the Lord or man and as the Lord Himself has described,it is a narrow path. Do I vote or not vote for a man simply because I am afraid of what other’s might think of me or do I take it to the Lord and listen to His voice,even if that choice goes against the norm. I have made my choice and I will not vote for the lesser of two evils…I’ll still be voting for evil. My fear of the Lord is far greater than the fear of man and his opinions.

  6. Mrs. CJB says:

    Do not judge those of us who cannot in good conscience vote for either. We will all answer to God for every choice we make.

  7. If you could talk to Netanyahu privately, he would explain to you how much he desires your vote. He can’t seem as if hes involved in American politics, but he has made it very clear, he wants Mitt Romney to replace Obama. He knows how dangerous this man is to Israel and how strained the relations between America and Israel have become because of him, he knows way more than you do about the situation. If you could only talk to the people in Israel, they would never tell you what to do, but they are quietly praying to God, that enough people in America will show up at the polls to vote Obama out. If you could see things from their eyes, you might change your mind, but I know they would tell you to vote your conscience. As would I. God Bless.

  8. I understand says:

    I understand prophecy. I understand Israel will be abandoned by all nations. You said,”the voting process will not change that” but Mary, it may delay that and prevent Gods people needless suffering before the proper time. No one can say for sure the exact time it is, according to God’s clock. We all have to wait and see how everything comes out. And pray, and do whatever we can, without violating our own conscience. As for me, I can’t sit home and do nothing. I must help Israel, whatever way I can.You must do what your own conscience dictates .God bless you, Sister

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