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  1. Keith O. says:

    Today after church, I talked to the pastor about America being on the path to a sooner than later judgement. I feel the Lord wants the people to be warned. Later this week I will ask the pastor for permission to address at least the Sunday school class. I’m afraid of what the response will be-as the Lord already had me read Hosea 9 in which the prophets are rejected as “mad”. Pray for me in this situation anyway. The pastor is a good man and a great evangelist whose gift is winning souls, but prophecy is not his gift at all. He doesn’t see the signs as anything to be concerned about. It’s time to let the watchmen on the wall call out the warning because it is coming. The Lord helped to confirm this with me this morning by having me read Leviticus 26. Read it yourself and see which category the United States fall into. Contend for the faith!

    • admin says:

      Keith, may the Lord bless you as you stand for truth and watchmen on the walls.

    • Mary says:

      Keith O.
      I will be praying for you and your Wife. It will take courage to stand up before men and declare what the Lord has put on your heart. Unfortunately,the role of Prophet and the prophetic word have been kicked out of most denominations,even spirit-filled. I pray that the Lord gives you boldness and makes you “as a bronze wall”.

  2. gmacole says:

    My Dr. Just put me on Statin drugs for my cholesterol. I have an enlarged heart and need to control cholesterol and blood pressure. At 65 years of age I am healthy other wise and I have done everything to control both of these conditions… Really don’t want to take Lovastatin but don’t know what else to do.

    • admin says:

      I really cannot tell you what to do.
      All I can say is to read what I post and do research on your own.
      Pray and ask God to lead in this critical issue.

    • Sara says:

      Try two supplements Red Rice Yeast and Krill Oil capsules. Make sure that the Krill Oil comes from the Antarctic (Swanson’s has this and it is reasonably priced). My doctor wanted me to also, but I refused. In three months my test showed everything was normal.

  3. John: I really appreciate your health updates–and my prayer would be that more people would pay attention to what you write here. From personal experience I know that these things work. Wonder why it is that people give you that same shrug and look when you try to tell them about how they can feel better and be healthier as they do when you try to tell them that Jesus is coming back soon? I have even met people who seem to think that doctors are “gods” and everything they say is truth–too bad. After giving it a lot of thought, I also believe it has to do with lifestyle changes that would have to be made and it would take an effort that most people don’t seem to want to make even if they would feel so much better and actualy experience good health–just the same as loving Jesus and following His ways takes a lifestyle change.

    Thanks again for your updates on health, but especially on prophecy. We pray for your protection and for the power of the Holy Spirit to guide you!


    • admin says:

      I am so delighted that these posts are such a blessing to you.
      God wants us to be health and free of the Babylonians.

  4. Matthias says:

    Dear John,

    after the Lord led me to your blog last year the Nutrition and Health section became very important to me – I started reading all your posts about this topic on the blog, added several supplements (including Vitamin D) and changed my nutrition to some extent (and still have to…). Mercola is a very good source for all this – he exposes many of the frauds out there. I also added Vitamin K2 as a supplement as this seems to have a huge benefit on health which has yet to be fully discovered:

    Keep up the good work in these times of deception!

  5. Dan.w says:

    Thanks Dr.John[brother],for addressing health issues as well.Even though I’m a prophecy buff,we can’t neglect the other things.God treats the whole man.I don’t mean it in a [new age ]sense,but it’s true.The Bible has certain foods,practices,and Godly wisdom to keep us at our best while we are here.If we are poor in health,[through our own fault],we can sometimes hurt our witnessing abilities…Some may think..why should I listen to him or her..she cannot even take care of themselves.While this is not always the case,God doe’s hold us responsible for how we treat our bodies.Spiritual care is much more important..but that doe’s not mean physical health is not.God Bless you brother John on all your fine work. Dan.w