Pet Health: Contaminated Pet Food – Deadly Ingredients!

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3 Responses

  1. Johanna says:

    Excellent article! I realize this is a few years old, but still completely relevant. I wanted to add a few more notes of interest- treats are not the only things responsible for pet deaths, remember the major pet food recalls in 2007? Melamine was discovered in several brands of pet food which resulted in the deaths of thousands of pets nationwide. Beyond this issue, the “meat” used in pet food (I use the term lightly because typically there is minimal if any muscle meat protein, with skin, feathers and bones being used instead) come from non-human grade meat of dead, disabled, diseased, and dying animals (called 4D). These are sick animals that have been pumped full of Rx meds in an attempt to get them healthy enough for human consumption (which brings more money) and when they get too sick, they are euthanized (sodium pentobarbital, which only concentrates in the kibble manufacture process, see Any meats denied for human consumption must be “denatured”, that is, cut into minute ribbons for maximum surface area before being sprayed with poison (to prevent it being sold or consumed on the blackmarket) before being shipped off to the renderer where it’s made, among other things, into pet food. Also used are animals found dead (usually for several days or weeks) in the field, euthanized zoo animals, and roadkill.To top it off, the law actually allows for the rendering of euthanized cats and dogs into pet food, and thought pet food companies vehemently deny doing it, findings of the euthanasia drug in certain pet foods may indicate this is actually going on. Bottom line, there are minimal regulations on pet food, which is basically a dumping ground for poisons and garbage that will make your pets sick. IMO it’s ALL poison. Lets go back to how pets were ALWAYS fed before the 1950s, with fresh, real foods and meaty bones- that’s how I’ve been feeding my dogs and cats for the past 10yrs and they’ve never been healthier!

    • Georgann Ryan (Internet Pilgrim) says:

      All good points. While I haven’t gone the raw food route (with far too many cats to feed, most of whom I’d like to place in good homes) I have switched to grain free food for them, and the cats’ health has made a substantial improvement; virtually no illness any longer. I’ve fed my one spoiled golden retriever grain-free since he was a puppy and he’s a strong, healthy dog. So you’re right about healthy food being the most important thing we can do for our pets. And it’s scandalous how they use euthanized pets (including flea collars and all) in many commercial foods. Thanks for mentioning that – I’ll be sure to post info on it in upcoming health blogs.

      See also our update post on this original article: and the Pet Health section in our most recent post, There’s an article and a link there for “Dog Food Advisor” where over 4,500 foods are given detailed analysis, with specific info on the companies producing it, recalls, and nutrition information, GMOs, etc. It’s a great site for anyone interested in pet foods which are good versus awful. I hope you’ll subscribe to God’s Health System; there’s usually an article or two in every post on pet health.

  2. Johanna says:

    Thanks for the kind reply, I’ll be sure to check out the links, I certainly appreciate it! I’m happy to say I’m already a subscriber to the newsletters and am very impressed with the info I’ve learned so far, thanks for the awesome site! 🙂 God bless!